1. Premise
This document lists the Terms of Use (hereinafter, for brevity, respectively the "General Conditions" and the "Site") to be followed by anyone wishing to navigate the pages of the same.
Access to the Site and any action that involves navigation on your web pages constitute acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. In case you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, simply fail to navigate the pages of the Website who accesses the Site acknowledge that you do not use the Site and material contained therein for any unlawful purpose or otherwise contrary with applicable law. The General Conditions may be modified by Zizzola at any time, without notice of this circumstance should be given to users and understanding the burden of them to view them regularly before accessing the content of the Site.
Access to the Site after any such change requires the full and unconditional accession to the General Conditions as modified.
If the web pages of the Site are offered goods and services or content presented subject to certain terms and conditions contained in these pages, the same will prevail over these Terms.

2. Site Content


The official website of Zizzola, is a portal for information and entertainment online that lets you know the events in the Zizzola, Ascom and the City of Bra and to make purchases in e-shop for any business, the site also aims to provide an overview of the main promotional activities and commercial Zizzola, Ascom and the City of Bra Bra, products and services offered by the same entertainment and special rules fruition.
All content (news, photos, videos, sounds, marks, logos, domain names, etc.). And rights relating thereto are reserved, so they are accessible only for purposes of personal information, is expressly prohibited from any other use without the prior written consent of Zizzola. E 'ban download any materials from the site (news, photos, videos, sounds, marks, logos, domain names, etc.). Without the express consent of Zizzola, if not complied with this condition the Zizzola can not approach the offender to court.

What gives users

The Site may be linked to sites, links to both parties that the companies forming part of Zizzola. The hyperlinks have the sole function of facilitating user navigation without there being any relationship between the content of the Site and the third reached the site. In addition, the Zizzola announces that may not have any effect on the structure of third party sites linked to its own nor have known the truth, accuracy and adequacy of materials and / or information contained therein. When they reached the present site-specific conditions, the latter must prevail over the General Conditions.

3. Intellectual property rights and industrial
All content on the Site are protected and safeguarded by the existing rules on copyright and industrial property.
Any extraction operation is prohibited unless expressly authorized or re-use the material on this site and any other activity that may adversely affect the legitimate interests of authors and holders of rights in intellectual property therein accessible.
The Site and its contents may only be used for personal, research or teaching, to the exclusion of direct or indirect commercial purposes, provided that you leave intact the extremes of the right holder and may not be the same no change.
As an example, but not limited to content of the Site shall be construed:
- Texts;
- Photographs;
- Movies;
- Databases;
- Graphs and tables;
- The slogan;
- The audio stream;
- The animation or less;
- Any graphic and / or text in general.

Therefore, you can copy and / or reproduce in whole or in part, the content of the Site without the express permission of Zizzola. At the same time, we note that all trademarks, domain names, company names, companies and boards on the Site are the exclusive property of Zizzola and therefore protected by existing legislation on brands. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce in any form or manner without the express permission of Zizzola as it is believed to be equally prohibited registration of the mark "Zizzola" at any top level domain.
Please note that in the pages of the Site may be trademarks location, domain names, company names, brands and companies in the ownership of third parties with which the Zizzola cooperates in various capacities, which enjoy the same protection afforded to marks of Zizzola by current standards.
The Zizzola announced that it is absolutely forbidden to use all the hallmarks of ownership in Zizzola as metatags, and / or each command in the HTML language that, although not involving the display or formatting of a certain command, shall in all cases instructions to staff or electronic search engines to increase the availability of a site other than those posed by Zizzola.

4. How to Use the Site
La Zizzola rende noto che il contenuto del Sito non può essere, in tutto o in parte, copiato, riprodotto, ripubblicato, caricato, trascritto, trasmesso o distribuito, in qualsiasi modo o forma, senza avere ottenuto la preventiva autorizzazione scritta da parte della Zizzola, fatte salve le attività di stampa, download e visualizzazione di parte del contenuto del Sito compiute per scopi esclusivamente personali e non commerciali ed a condizione che il materiale in questione non sia in alcun modo modificato e siano mantenute tutte le informazioni relative ai diritti di proprietà intellettuale e/o industriale ivi apposte. Inoltre, il contenuto del Sito non potrà essere diffuso, in tutto o in parte, attraverso canali di comunicazione, quali la Rete Internet, i sistemi televisivi, radiofonici o di qualunque altra natura in mancanza di preventiva autorizzazione scritta da parte della Zizzola. Le informazioni ed i materiali contenuti nel Sito non potranno, inoltre, essere utilizzati per scopi commerciali al fine di costituire banche dati di ogni tipo e genere, nè essere archiviati (in tutto o in parte) in banche dati preesistenti, sia accessibili esclusivamente da parte del costitutore sia messe a disposizione di terzi.

5. Linking and Framing
Without the written permission of Zizzola, is not in any way possible to create the link to the home page of the Site is currently accessible at the web (hereinafter also the "Home Page") nor to any other pages within the Site.
However, if there is interest in creating the site with a link to the Home Page, you may receive a request to do so by e-mail to which must include:
(a) data relating to the person responsible for the technical aspects of site management when it is to insert a link to the Home Page (including e-mail and phone number);
(b) data of the applicant;
(c) an indication of the web site where this link will be created;
(d) Any additional information is considered useful in order to obtain the consent of Zizzola
Are expressly prohibited specific links that allow the user to refer to an internal page without going through the Home Page ("deep linking"), as well as automatic link ("inline linking") which allow the user to view automatically in a specific space images from the Site
They are also prohibited the link-box ("framing"), which allow you to bring up a page on the site at a specific page of another site doing the same so that the content of this page rather than appear in a separate browser window navigation appears within a structured framework for this purpose.
In this regard, we note that the violation of the provisions of this article also constitutes a punishable conduct under the unfair competition, governed by existing rules.

6. Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability
All content on this site are provided for general information purposes only. The Zizzola makes no warranty as to its accuracy or completeness and reserves the right to modify and update such information without prior notice.
The Zizzola not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, including loss of profit resulting from use of or inability to use the Site and its contents, or sites linked to it directly or indirectly, so as omissions or errors.

7. Severability
If any provision of these Terms is deemed unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that provision shall be deemed severable from other provisions, without affecting the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

8. Law and Jurisdiction Without prejudice to any right provided for more users enjoy by virtue of legislation - national or international - different, these Terms will be subject to Italian law and will be interpreted according to that (with the exception of its rules on conflicts of law), including including any dispute concerning the existence, validity and effectiveness of the General Conditions and any other agreement that makes reference to them. Within the above, the court of jurisdiction to hear any disputes arising in relation to these Terms and any other agreement that makes reference to them, will be the ASCOM Bra.
Under Italian law enforcement in the event of any conflict of interpretation between the Italian version and the English language of these general conditions of use, the Italian version will prevail.

9. Company information
La Zizzola
Direction: Piazza Giolitti 8
12045, Bra (CN)
Telephone: +39 0172.41.30.30
Fax: +39 0172.42.25.94
Vat Number - Tax Code: 82001360047
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