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Aperitivi in Consolle

Every friday evening from 7.00 p.m. to 24.00 p.m. walking in the streets of Bra it could be done a travel around Italy and places all around the world, in a specific food and wine twinning that will ensure a different and high qualited offer, charachterized by music from dj-set and live, structured in big themed areas, with the purpose of make a pleased musical backcground. An edition that is forwarning a record, starting from the partecipants of the event. They are 17 locals whom this year have joined to the project, with a large open from restaurants, that will make stronger the involvment of public and taste.

Main theme this year is the claim: People have the Power!, hymn of the rock-poetry Patty Smith in this case intended like a reclaim of a real moment of conviviality and social network, in alternaty of the more often spreading digital platforms, where the meet is without of the human character, altought tipycal of the aggregation forms of the city squares and of the middeltowns.

During the eight dates in program it will be possible to dive into a really whorty and polished journey trought music and taste, making us be conquered by the excellent cocktails studied for the occasion by the locals of the circle. It could be possible find exotic culture and dishes of international kitchens or taste autocton dishes of the  estraordinaries traditions of the italian regions, everything spice with good music and big smiles.

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