The Zizzola The Consortium is an Organism Associated Companies set up on September 21, 2005 with the aim of enhancing the traditional trade in the city of Bra (CN).
The consortium is named after the undisputed symbol of the city, the nineteenth-century octagonal building overlooking the town of Bra, from the top of the hill Monteguglielmo.

The Consortium's purpose is the management of promotional and organizational seeking to develop the Mall of Natural Bra, the promotion, marketing and management of common services in order to promote the commercial, tourist and services Municipality of Bra in all its forms, and the promotional activities, the organization of services to facilitate better contact between supply and demand, participation and organization of events to promote and market products and services associated with the image of the city of Bra, the care and protection of the customer who enjoys the common services of member companies.
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