All traders joining the consortium mall Bra Zizzola the advantages are numerous.

The main advantage is surely to become a member of a group of traders who have as their main purpose to increasing the number of potential customers and consumers in the city center and from 2010 also in the area of the beyond rail, all followed in detail by the shops Bra.

The second advantage is to be part of a series of advertising and promotional campaigns, aimed at promoting the Consortium, and accordingly merchants who are part of a series of actions such as sweepstakes, contests, activities and events that are advertised on the main newspapers, radio and on the website of Zizzola.

On the draft of the "VIRTUAL TOUR" all merchants that are part of the Nature Center "The Zizzola" have the opportunity to set up a real shop online from the comfort of your puntovendita managed to make sales online.
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