The ASCOM is the Association of Trade, Tourism, Services, small and medium enterprises operating in the area of Transport of Bra.

The origin of ASCOM Bra dates back to the period after the Second World War. With the fall of fascism came to an end Federations and Guilds of self-employed and therefore was born in 1946 the Italian General Confederation of Trade. At the same time, we were in the Italian cities of the Associations of Merchants, which through a provincial body, joined the Roman Confcommercio. In the province of Cuneo associations that came to life after the fall of fascism, were seven, namely: Cuneo, Bra, Alba, Savigliano, Fossano, Mondovi and Saluzzo. These seven independent groups formed a union in Cuneo province traders and is still today, by this form, is a collaboration between the Ascom, an acronym that best indicates Dealers Associations. These associations, through a regional union, based in Turin, joined the national Confcommercio.

The Association aims to study the problems of trade and tourism, the relationship with the other categories, protection union. It 's a membership organization that represents over 2000 companies Braidese and Roero. Part of the Italian General Confederation of Trade and Tourism. Be associated with ASCOM means being part of the great family Confcommercio, join an organization that brings together thousands of companies, which makes it possible to know immediately of any opportunities for improvement of your company, be informed through the newspapers and make free use of specialized made available. Assist the marketing function, studies the problems of the individual categories, who have contacts with public administrations.

It'an indispensable point of reference to any business, tourism and services.
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