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Night shopping in the Zizzola's city

Asom Bra offers also this year the Midnight's Sales, setted up for friday 1st July, on the same time of "Aperitivo in Console".

A productive city also in the nighttime, that is enjoing herself; a date with the shopping for buying with whorty prices and walk in Bra, which is brightened by the lights of the showcases, to find good buisness. A lot of middeltown shops propose sales and special offer to make the Midnight's Sales a community party, charged of vitality and fun.                          "We hope, seeing the shy signal of economical reovery, that the summer sales could be a relaunch occasion. We wish that the Summer Sales could be another relaunch occasion of the consumes and could be a support of the commerce industry, a crucial sector of our city economy. We hope it will be confirmed the trend started with the winter sales, whom against the flow registered an increase of 4,9% from last year. We wish it could have a positive dates, and, if it is going to repeat what happened in january, we could start talking about an upswing of the consumes. We really wish this sales will confirm the last gait. It will be very important, if it is going to happen, a recovery that, also if slow, is going in a positive direction" declairs Luigi Barbero, director of the "Associazione Commercianti".

"The aspectative of the operators in very high, because Bra is also suffering like the other cities by the consume crise. We are waiting in these days a strong push of the sales also because the commercial sistem of Bra is healthy and competitive - comments Manuela Pecchio, president of "Centro Commerciale Naturale La Zizzola di Bra".

With the agreement with the comunal amministration, saturday 2nd and 9th July is expected the suspencion of the payment of the park in the blue zone in the afternoon.

We remember the possibility of free parking in the court of the school "Maschili" in street Marconi, open from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. every day.

All the initiative are supported and shared by the comunal amministration, that has approved with favour the request of the practitioner.




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